Racing the sun

Another great ride at French Lick. I had been planning on taking off work on Friday and heading up to BCSP for a ride. I knew I would be camping all weekend with the scouts and would not be able to get a ride in, so I figured this was my best bet. After hearing the forcast for the rest of the week, it looked like there was a good chance I would get rained out. So, after some last minute planning, I rushed out the door from work and was on my way.

I hurried home to get all my stuff and headed down the road as quick as I could. I signed in at the pro shop right at 5:00 and headed down the trail. With all of the rushing to get there, knowing Beaver was out there and then seeing Alex’s car, I was pushing it fairly hard to see if I could catch up to someone. On the way up the trail looked to be in great condition. I was trying to figure out if it was getting enough traffic to keep the trail clear or if the leaves were actually blown off of the path. Right around the short cut I found the answer to that. I could see Alex heading down the other side with a back pack blower in tow. So, I busted it down the trail to meet up with him. It is always good to hook up with friends that you don’t get to see very often.
At this point I start to get a little bummed about my decisions. What am I talking about? Well let me step back a few steps here. Before I knew I was going there were a few options rolling around in my head. One was to head to BCSP for a night right with the group. But, with further checking I figured out that the groups were on Tuesday and Thursday. So, that left me on my own. Normally I am limited on my time for Wednesday’s since the wife has her bowling night and I usually take care of the boys. I thought about taking Thursday off work and heading up to FL after she got home from bowling to do a night ride. That was frowned upon and probably for good reason since I would not have made it there until about 10:00. During this point I promised not to head up there and do a night ride on my own. I am not sure why the big concern, but I said it and was going to hold up my end. I decided to not take my lights along, becuase I knew if I had them, I would use them. Back to my conversation on the trail and I think it was the second thing out of Alex’s mouth was the big question, Did you bring your lights? Dammit! I knew I should have thrown them in the car. I have wanted to night ride there for a while and to have someone to ride with would have made it even better. Oh well, all was not lost. I still had a good ride before it was time to head home.

One good thing that did happen is I ran in to Beaver on the way up. I think he took some video of the ride back down. I am looking forward to seeing how I look from the back. The only negative about that is for some reason I dropped my chain again and had to stop. Well, I think the record button was missed when we started again. This is a bummer too because I was rolling good and hitting up the jumps and features. Big smiles were to be had on that down hill. The ride was a good one no matter how I look at it. I could have been sitting at home eating pizza or something non-productive. The good thing about not having a lot of time, I was pushing it fairly hard and still got a good work out. I am starting to think that I should try pushing a bigger gear and see how well I do.

The new extension trail was broke threw to the loop yesterday. It still needs a lot of cleaning up before it is like the rest of the loop, but it is shaping up real nice. It looks like there is a long way to go before it is complete, but it is on the way. Not sure it will be rideable for the grand opening this weekend, but all the other trails should be in good shape.

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One Response to Racing the sun

  1. MBeaver says:

    I posted the video on youtube. The battery went dead 2/3 down the trail so I didn’t have a lot of footage to work with. But here is the link.

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