I tried my luck at French Lick

I had another great day in the woods at French Lick this weekend. I was not sure what was going to end up happening because of the weather, but it turned out much better then I thought it would. Friday night I figured the weather would keep me from riding on Saturday. Sunday looked like the better day, but with soccer games and other stuff going on, I did not think it would be a good option.

The sun actually came out fairly early on Saturday. I was doing stuff around the house like cleaning up the bike shop. I have had a lot of stuff collecting in that area and some stuff needed to find a home. I now have more room to work around while I work on my bikes. I also thought of a few things to do to help with future issues of clutter, but we will see how long it takes to do that.

Well, I could only walk by the window so many times before the thought in my head said to go ride or you wont! This was probably a true statement and it was not too hard to talk myself in to packing up my stuff and heading north. I didn’t make it to the trail head as early as I wanted too, but I was within a half an hour. I quickly geared up and headed out the trail. I started out CCW and figured that the worst section would be right at the start. Well I was wrong. The new section seemed to settle in since the last time I was up there. Just down the trail I did find the worst places out there. There were about two sections in this part that were wetter then I would normally like to ride. They were short and everything else seemed in good shape, so I kept going.

I did a lap each way and then mixed in the short cut for some other options. I tried to stay away from the one section as much as I could and only hit it up twice. I did take the tour and headed out to check on the new stuff that is being built. It looked like there was a lot done over the last two weeks and I wanted to check it out. I didn’t think the dirt would work for a test ride, but as I rolled on to the trail it held up nice and was much harder then I expected. I cruised along this new section amazed at how fun this place keeps getting. The bad thing is it was shorter then I hoped and had to turn around to head back out the same way I came in. Maybe the next time I make it up there it will be busted threw to the main loop or at least to a fire lane that goes to the loop. I sure hope they don’t changed their mind about the cost of riding there, but if they do, I hope there is a yearly option that does not cost too much.

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