Dino 2010 Series Schedule

Well it looks like the DINO series already have the races dates for next year.

5/1 Warsaw: Winona Lake Trail
6/6 Nashville: Brown County State Park
6/19 French Lick: French Lick Resort (US Cup Regional Qualifier)
7/4 North Vernon: Muscatatuck County Park (AMBC)
7/25 Versailles: Versailles State Park
8/15 Logansport: France Park
8/29 Indianapolis: Town Run Trail Park

Other mountain bike events:
4/10 DINO Spring Tune-up, Avon
9/11 24 Hours of DINO, Versailles
Looks like this year would be a good year for a southern Indiana resident to fair well in the series. I think it has been a while since there were so many races in the southern part of the state. A lot of that has to do with all the new trails that have been built over the last few years. To add to the newer location of Brown County State Park and Versailles, there will also be a race at the new French Lick trails. This place is a good addition to the trails available for races. It should be interesting to see how it is set up and how well everything runs. I will keep my eye out on this weekend and I hope I am free to head up there to check it out or maybe even race.

I am not too much in to the XC racing thing for a long term solution to my riding, but I am open to doing some races if I am free that weekend and I don’t have to travel very far. I am not sure how well I will do, but it is always good to run in to some people that you only seem to see at races. Never know, I just might find some good legs by then.

I do hope to find some money to finally do a 24 hour race that I have been wanting to do for the last few years. The only thing about not actually being able to do one so far, is the fact that I keep getting stronger for the all day rides. The more I ride 5-8 at a time, the more I will be ready to do battle with my inner self and see who comes out on top. I just hope that some things will work out so that I can do a few more things that I have missed the last few years.

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