French Lick is now open

I made a trip up to French Lick this weekend to see the completed first section of the Buffalo Trace Trail. I had a sneak peak of this trail a month or so back.  There have been several sections completed since I was last there. The grand opening was held on Saturday and from what I hear there was a good group that showed up. Everyone that had any comments about the place said nothing but good things.

You park at the Valley Golf club house and take a short gravel road/path to the actual start of the trail. From there you can go either direction. I am not sure what direction was my favorite. There were sections that I liked going both directions. There is also a short cut path not too far from the start, so the hikers don’t have to do the full 5 mile lap. This short cut also gives you some options to ride in a figure 8 just to mix it up a little.

There are a few rock sections that you can ride, but some still need a little work. There are several sections that you can get a little air under the tires if you feel the need. I must say that I felt that need a lot on Sunday! The more I ride there, I will figure out where I can get some good air and where I should not. I just hope I don’t figure out where not to get air the hard way. There was one jump going CW that felt much bigger then any of the others. I don’t know if it is because it was a little down hill on the back side or it was just that good of a lip. It didn’t look like much when I climbed back up that side, but it sure was a fun one.

This trail is fun just as it is and I would not be happy if nothing would change, but that being said, they are currently working on a 3 mile extension section. This would make this place that much more fun. That is basically the only thing that could improve the trail is just more trail. I have seen a picture of the future so to say and it has 20-25 miles of trail. That would be too good to be true. I just hope they don’t start charging too much to ride there. I know they put a lot of money in building the trail, so I hope it works out for what they want it to.

Also, I feel I need to mention the accommodations for signing in. The club house is in a different class as to any other trail head that I have ever been to. The bathrooms are huge!! I felt like I should have cleaned up and wore a collared shirt in to the club house just to sign out after my ride. I did seem to get a few funny looks from some people out side, but I would think that I did look funny if I was there to play some golf.

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