A good time in the woods

After almost 2 weeks I finally made it back in to the woods for a ride.  I wish I could say that I rode as good as I could have hoped, but that is not the case. The legs were not as strong for the climbs as I would like them to be. I still rode well for everything else and even climbed a lot of stuff. I guess i will never be happy with how well I am climbing, because as soon as it starts to get a little easy I will put a bigger gear on the front and start all over again.

I was a little worried about my brakes performing. I changed my brake pads last week and the action on my lever was not what I thought it would be. I really needed some new pads because I didn’t have much brakes, but after the install I could not pull the lever 1/4″ before it was completely locked up. I did some research and it seems this is normal until you put a few good hard braking efforts in. Well the brakes actually worked quite well for the whole ride. I did lock up the back wheel more then normal, but after the ride the lever has some more pull before it is fully locked in. I figure after another good ride it will be where I thought it would be. I am glad that something actually seemed to work out.

I plan on heading up to French Lick to ride again this weekend. The grand opening for the new trail is on Saturday. I can not make it for the big opening, but I plan on being there a little earlier then that. I have some stuff going on in the afternoon that I have to head home earlier then what I would like to do if I was going to hang out for the big opening. I hope some other riders show up while I am still there, but if not oh well. There would be no complaints about having the trails all to myself.

Next weekend is the Breakdown. I hope my legs show up for that ride. I plan on riding with Ride and Smile as long as I can, but not sure how long that will actually be. I hope I can hang to Hickory and try to figure out how well I am doing by then and see if I could talk him in to waiting a little or not. Last year I think I could have hung with him at least to the shelter. I have been climbing better this year so far, I just hope some good legs show up when they need too. I will be very happy if I can do the 75 mile route. I would prefer to get the full 100 in, but that might be pushing it a little far this year. Even though the 60 mile route is a full day, I will be disappointed if I don’t head in to Hickory for a little riding. Even if I have to go it alone for some miles. I need to dig deep and go as far as I need to.

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