Friday fun

After a long week of things going on and rain over the holiday, I could finally make it out on my bike on Friday. I headed out to Ferdinand after work for some much needed time in the woods. I made plans to meet up with a new guy that I have not had the pleasure of riding with yet. He could not make it until a little later then I normally go, so I showed up early and headed out for a little ride before he got there. I did a nice little 4 mile loop and headed back to the car to meet up. After he showed up and was ready to ride, we headed out for as much of the normal loop that we could do. Since there is still some logging going on, I never know what trails might be closed.

A little ways in to the ride my chain decided to come off on a tough climb. This was the first time that I have had that problem on the SS. After I broke my old chain a few weeks ago, I replaced it with a cheep chain. It was not what I thought I was getting because I had the numbers confused and looked for the wrong chain. I am not sure if the wheel just moved a little, some part of the bike flexed more then normal or my cheep chain is going to be a problem. That  was a quick and easy fix and I was headed down the trail in short order. The rest of the ride was less eventful other then being more worn out then normal. I still rode everything better then I thought I would for how bad I felt.

I ended up riding 15 miles and we were racing the sun set back to the car. There is still time to get some after work rides in, but the length of the day light is getting shorter and soon the lights will have to come out and play. I hope to get out more this week, but I never know until it happens.

The second ride with my new Ergon grips was very pleasing. I knew I wanted these grips for a little while and wish I would have picked them up much sooner then I did. I have also signed up for the Brown County Breakdown and plan on riding the 100 mile option. If I ride that day like I did on Friday, I will have a very hard time finishing that many miles. Last year I did the 60 and feel like I could have gone farther. The miles still added up at the end of the day, but I feel like I am stronger this year. Actually I would be very happy riding the 75 mile route, but I still feel the need to complete the full 100. The wish list has at least one 100 mile race next year, so to know that I can ride the 100 miles would be a big motivational booster for me. I need to get all the miles in I can before then so I have a better chance of completing the full ride.

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