Thursday night at Ferdinand

Once again I made it out for the Thursday night ride at Ferdinand. It is actually not a night ride, but more of an after work ride. This will only last  few more weeks before it will have to become an actual night ride. This week there were only 4 of us that showed up. It started to rain right before 5 and it was coming down fairly hard. I was determined to ride no matter what, but as I made it to the trail it was no longer raining out there. The rain actually made the trail in perfect condition. The bad conditions has nothing to do with the rain at all. The finally started logging out there last week. The trees have been marked for a few years already. They seem to be moving fast, but sure making a mess of some areas.

Last week there was a section of trail that was closed. This week they were done with that section and had a different section closed. I can only hope that this does not last too many weeks before we can start to get it back in to shape. The biggest issue I have with this longing is the damn rock. They have put rock down on a few of the fire lane sections. The one was not too bad and it looked like some trucks have drove over it a few times, but another section was very deep and terrible to try and ride. The rock can not sink in to the ground and get packed in soon enough as for as I am concerned. Over the years I have had some noses turned up about the amount of fire lane that the trail had out there, but I always could tell them that it is not like normal fire lanes. Most of the time they were grown up and only had one little path to ride, so it was like single track, but less trees. The other times when it was mowed, it was still a dirt road and more like double track. So, over all it was not bad to ride and some sections were very fast and fun. Now with this rock down, it makes it a bad section of the trail. I don’t see that getting better for several years.

The ride went great and only one rider was having some trouble. He is a newer rider and had some issues before we started that did not help is ride. He has come a long way in the last few weeks and I look forward to watching him keep getting better as he keeps riding.

I am very happy to say that this was the second time that I did my normal loop with out any walking. I am really coming along with my climbing on my SS. I normally don’t have any issues at most places, but Ferdinand does not ride like most places. This place can put a hurting on you even with gears. After last night I have decided that I need to start riding the crazy steep hill on Southridge and stop taking the fire lane section around it. This will help with my climbing and if I would ever climb this hill on the SS, I think I would be able to climb just about anything. Most tend to walk no matter how many gears then have.

The rigid is still rolling good for me. I have had a few close calls because of the fork, but so far they have not been too bad. I have been quite surprised at how fast I have been going down hill with the rigid fork on there. It probably slowed me down some, but not near what I would have thought.

This weekend I hope to make it to O’Bannon State Park to check out the new trails there. I hear it is very rocky on the one loop, so the fork will be put to the test. At this point, I don’t see any reason to take it off and work on getting a different shock. There are some good changes that came with the fork that I dig and as long as the bad thing don’t start over weighing the good things, it will stay.

I have signed up for the Brown County Breakdown and my plan is to do the 100 mile route. I am not sure if I can do that in the time needed, but I am willing to give it a try. Worse case I get out there and change my mind to do the 75 mile route. I already did the 60 mile route fairly easy last year and I think I am in better shape this year, so I will keep my fingers crossed that I can complete the 100 and prep myself for a NUE series race next year.

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