A night out on the trail

I had a great night in the woods on Friday. I ended up making a trip to Brown County for a night ride. It has been since last November when I was in the woods after dark last. I had charged my battery a few weeks ago when I was planning a trip up there, but that fell through. I was hoping that my battery was still charged and would still last long enough for the ride.

My night was all dependent on getting home from work quick enough to get my bike fixed and on the road before my time cut off to still get there in time to meet the other riders. I did get everything changed over that I needed to do and left the other things that I wanted to do for another day. I packed up the car and hit the road. I started to run in to a little rain as I was headed in to Bloomington area. This continued on and off for the rest of the drive. The other rider called and said that he did not get on the road when he needed to and we worked it out that I would wait for him before I started my ride.

The weather was not looking good as I was getting close to Nashville. I hoped that I did not waste my trip. As I was waiting in the lot for him to show up the rain picked up a little, but still not too bad. The attendant said that the storm I saw just went by and it really did not rain much there. The rain completely stopped before he showed up, so when he got there we quickly got ready and headed out.

The trails were in great shape considering everything. There were some puddles and the rocks and roots were slick, but the trail was not muddy. I did get dirty and my bike was covered, but it was because of the puddles, not the trail.

It was very hard to see in some sections because it was foggy. I was basically riding in the fog with my brights on and had to hope I would not hit anything. I sure hope to replace my bar light soon so I could see a little. We decided that we would pass on Schooner Trace since it was late and slick. But, we did ride the new entrance that was just built the other weekend. What a great rock stair case to ride down. It was very interesting and not easy at all.

The whole ride went great. There were no crashes to get anyone hurt and the time seemed to fly by. We rolled out of the woods later then planned, but it was very good to be out. I got home much later then planned, but it was well worth the trip. I need to do a few more night rides to put some extra miles in. I will just have to figure out how and where.

I hope everyone signed up for the Breakdown by today. Today is the last day for the discounted price. It all goes up tomorrow.

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2 Responses to A night out on the trail

  1. Ron says:

    Hey man, how are you? I saw your comments about <9 on the HMBA boards. Hey bro, I think you have the wrong idea. The <9 name 'happened' with JJJ, me, Grindstaff when we were started sharing rides together in 2005. I've met you on a ride (night @Nebo waaaay back!) and talked to you on email before and remember you as a great guy! This is just my group of trail friends, no intent to 'exclude' like your comment. It is (and you are) all good! Let's hook up next time the schedules and stars align. Give me a call or email. It really is alllllll goooooood. PS. Liked your PMBAR blog. Brutal stuff. Ron

    • bentcrank says:

      It’s all good. I was just giving JJJ a hard time. It was continued off of some facebook picture comments and he told me I could not get a sticker. Actually I am not a <9'er because I normally roll from the west side.

      Actually I first met you at Dirt Day's in 2004, but no riding was done that day. I remember something about you being a hair farmer and you were locked in to memory.

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