It must be August

Actually I should have posted this a last week. It is hard to believe that I didn’t get a chance to ride at all this week. I plan on fixing that tomorrow. Last week I told you about French Lick’s new trails. That was on Wednesday and on Thursday we headed out for the normal Thursday night ride at Ferdinand. I knew my legs would be feeling the ride from the night before so I took the Giant to ride. When I got there it was obvious that I was glad that I brought that bike. There were several new additions to the group and a few who didn’t show up. Looking at who the additions were, I knew the pace would be much faster then the previous weeks. It was not far down the path that I could tell it would be a fast ride. I was having a real bad week at work and was still tired from some late night work sessions and the road trip from the ride the night before. I really was not there for a DINO race. I wanted to get out and relax and try to do something that did not stress me out. This pace was not doing anything like that.

One bad thing about the ride is there was only one of the new guys that showed up. That means he was in for rough ride. He was very stressed out trying not to make everyone wait on him. About 1/2 way in to the ride my legs were giving up on me. It was getting very hard to go up the climbs like normal. This got the two of us riding close together and the other guys way up ahead. I kept telling him to no worry about them waiting. I feel like this is a group ride that we have started. This group has been to just get out and show some new guys around for an easy ride and dropped no one. If they wanted to go on, they could have and it would not have botherd me one bit. I am used to ridng all by myself out there and was there to just ride.

Well in the middle of this ride I seemed to have a lot of time for my mind to wonder. It seems that every year I hit this wall and it is always in August. I don’t know if it is all the riding I do early in the year or the fact that the weather turns hotter and I have more things going on to keep me busy. I feel like I have no power and ride like a rolling piece of crap. Most of the time I just loose excitement to go ride. That normally does not help matters. I think I need to work threw this bad times so I can ride stronger in the fall, but it is not easy. Add to the fact that right now it seems that my head is going to pop one of these days and it all addes up to some bad times. I plan on getting my blood pressure checked next week, but I can tell you already that it is going to be high.

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