Gnawbone Camp

Sunday I headed up to Gnawbone Camp in Brown County. It has been a few years since I have been there or VBR (the other side of the hill). This trail system is so much different then what you will find at Brown County State Park. Don’t get me wrong, BCSP is a blast, but this is much different. GBC is more rugged then the well groomed BCSP trails. It also has much steeper climbs to deal with.

Gnawbone remindes me a lot of Ferdinand. Plently of tough climbs and you can tell that the trails do not get much traffic. The one section had a lot of limbs blown down from a storm a few day’s earlier. There are also a lot more trees to get your log hopping skills honed up on. There is just a different feel in those woods then what you get at some other places.

So, for $3, I got a full day’s worth of riding and good times. The trails leaves you knowing that you rode your bike. We didn’t put in the length of miles that I would have done at BCSP, but we also didn’t see anyone else on the trails. I am sure we put in more elevation gain too.  What more can you ask for? Well, added to all of that great riding we also took a few turns on the rope swing and cooled off in the lake. What a great way to end a ride.

I want to thank Gnawbone lefty for showing me the local way around. I am sure I would not have had as much fun trying to look at a map and try to figure out a loop to ride. So, if you are looking for a little more then the normal BCSP, jump to the next road over and head down 135 to Gnawbone Camp. It is worth the trip.

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