Thursday night weekly Ferdinand Ride

We were back out at Ferdinand for another good ride. This is turning in to a scheduled weekly ride. Sounds like everyone want’s to meet until it is too dark to ride. I think that would be a good time for some night rides. The trail conditions were much better then last weeks rain ride. There were still a couple wet spots in the typical areas like fire lanes, but overall the trails were in great condition.

This ride had a little bit of everything. Lots of laughs, scrapes, blood, mud and all around fun. There were 6 of us that showed up for the trip. We headed out in the normal direction for a 10 mile loop. There were no major bike issues this week except for some brake cables moving after a little spill.  The group stayed together fairly well. We had a few being sorry for making us stop, but it really did not matter to us. Most of the time we were needing a rest anyway. I wish everyone would understand that we are just there to ride and have a good time. We don’t mind stopping to make sure everyone makes the turn or is still doing ok. It is so much more fun to ride with a bunch of people then it is to ride alone. I am not one that is worried about how fast I am going. I prefer to enjoy the view no matter what speed we are going.

I am not sure I could have gone any faster last night anyway. For some reason I just didn’t have it in my legs. I know my tires were a little lower in pressure and that will cause a little more drag, but they were weak real early in the ride. I knew I would be in trouble when he hit Southridge. I ended up walking more sections then last week, but I still didn’t do too bad. I felt like I redeemed myself by climbing the last climb on the fire tower trail. That thing is a bear and I creeped up it by struggling along. I was a good ending to a very hard ride. I sure hope I get some more SS legs in me soon. I can’t see how I can not get any stronger if I keep going back every week.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention. I am no longer alone in the riding bikes up hill in too big of a gear club. There is now another rider that is on a SS and crazy enough to ride Ferdinand.  He picked up a new Trek 69er. I rode it for a little section of trail. It is a huge difference having that big wheel up front. I felt like I was on a tiny bike when I got back on mine. Maybe some day I will upgrade to a 29er or even a 69er with my 1×1.

Can hardly wait for next week. Hope to see more riders show up.

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