Why must some things be so difficult?

Single speeds are supposed to be simple. most of my experiences have been that they are the simplest thing to ride. No gears to mess with or other moving parts that always need attention. I normally just make sure there is some air in the tires and off I go. Maybe knock off some of the bigger dirt clumps. Well this year as some of you know I have upgraded my 1×1 for a newer model. This was not just to get something newer, but I actually felt like I needed a larger size then what I was riding. With this new frame came a few new additions. My old frame did not have disc tabs, so disc brakes were never an issue. With this new bike I figured why not add on disc brakes. They do work better then V-brakes most of the time. I also hate hearing all the leaves caught in between the frame when it is fall season.

Adding disc brakes was not just a simple task. I needed a different fork, different wheels and some disc brakes. Well I happened to have a wheel set that I worked out in a deal when I was building the Proflex. I then found a cheep shock that had disc tabs and some good Hayes disc brakes. The build was fairly painless other then a bracket that I needed to get the brakes to mount to the fork, but that was minor.

Well the bike has been working great so far this year. Since I have decieded that I was not going to get a new FS bike this fall, that left me with a little extra money and some loose ends that were not as good as I would like them to be. The first issue was the wheel set. I found these wheels cheep and was happy to find them, but it seems there is a reason they were not that expensive. When I swapped out the axel for the solid one so I could bolt them to the frame, I had a hard time getting the hub adjusted. The hub is just not as nice as most and self adjusts depending on how you touch or move the hub. I finally got them working and rode with a grin on my face. I then found a solid set of SS wheels. Tonight I went to swap them out so I would be solid for Thursday’s ride.

Well that was not as easy as it sounded. The tire swap was quick and easy. I also moved the brake rotors and started to mount up the back wheel. Of course I have it completely lined up and the chain tensioned. That is when I notice some issue with the brakes. I thought they just needed adjusted, but it was not that easy. It turns out that the spokes were hitting the disc brake caliper. I tried to adjust it as far out as I could, but then the rotor was rubbing on the brake pad. I then took it apart and put a washer on the axel to see if it would give me enough adjust ability. That did not cure everything. So I then took everything back apart and started to wonder what I could do next. I figured that if I would shim the rotor farther out, it just might work.

Turns out that I ended up using some inner tube lock washers as my spacers. They were small and about the correct width. Best of all I actually had some. I then re-built everything and put it back in place. I could get the brake to adjust to almost working, but part of the rotor was hitting. Turns out that the spacers were not the same size and made the rotor seem bent. So I took it all back apart again and started to look for the same size spacers. I found 6 that were real close in size, but not perfect. This time when I put everything back together I could get the brakes to work. It still is not perfect and wants to rub in one place, so I guess I will need to find some more spacers to try. I just hope it works good enough for the ride this week.

Next on the list was the shock. I found it real cheep, but it is not what I like in a shock. I really don’t need the new fancy shocks. Most of them move way too much for my taste. I normally like it fairly stiff unless I am really putting something to it. This thing will move almost its full travel just in normal riding.  Why can’t my old Palmer fork just have disc tabs? I have been looking at some of the other Manitou shocks to see if I could get the same thing, but newer. Well I have talked myself in to trying something crazy and it actually seems like a good idea. I had found a carbon rigid fork that was at the price range that perked my interest. Well it turns out that after I told him I would take it, he changed his mind and didn’t want to sell it. I wished I would have purchase the fork I could have got with the new frame. That made me think about that fork again. So, I have contacted the previous owner of my 1×1 to see if he still had the fork. To my luck he still does. Now I just hope we can work something out similar to the same price that was offered origionally. Then I hope that I really do like it and it does not just beat the crap out of me and makes me look for something else to put on there. Only some time will let that play out. I will keep my fingers crossed for a good response from the forks owner.

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