Another road ride

We headed out on Saturday for our last big road ride before the RAIN Ride this next weekend. It will be a long weekend no matter how many miles I have in this year.  I sure hope that this ride has no inclination as to how the ride will be next weekend. I think we all were having some issues.

We headed out for a close to 80 mile loop with the option to extend the end if we wanted to ride more.  The weather was great and the group was bigger then it has been lately. There were 6 of us headed down the road. The pace started off fairly normal to every other weekend. We were running 20-21 for the first 20 miles or so. At that time there were a few complaints started about pissing the guy off in front or he was just trying to kill us. I actually thought the pace was moving better then normal. I usually hurt real bad for way too many miles before my legs wake up and take me home. This pace worked threw the first 2 guys and the third actually picked it up a little bit. At this point a few more riders were starting to complain and were slowing down. So, the pack slowed down a little and let everyone settle down.

We made our rest stop and the 40 mile mark and were told that a nasty storm was headed our way. We had made a few comments about the sky getting darker. I would have liked just a few more minutes at the rest stop to make sure I ate all I needed, but everyone was in a hurry to try and beat the rain. My legs were starting to hurt as we headed down the road again. At this point we picked up the pace again and everyone that was hurting early was feeling better. The only bad thing was, that I was going down hill now.

We held it together the rest of the way home. We did have a few drops start to fall as we were about 15 miles from home, but it never ended up being much. I think most of the pack was feeling it as we got close to the end. One rider had some real bad knee pain for the last 30 miles or so and kept getting worse. This slowed us down some, but I was not complaining. I kept feeling my legs start to cramp, but never did get too locked up.

I sure hope I can find some good strength for this weekend and not have cramping issues. It has been a while since I have had any issues with that. I plan on getting out for a mtb ride this week, but don’t want to get too crazy and burn up my legs before next weekend. So, then plan is to take the geared bike out and not the single speed. I really hate that too since she just got some new skins put on last week. She has a fresh set of Continental Rubber Queen tires that look so sweet I can hardly wait to try them. I guess that might have to wait until next week.

I am also planning on racing a Dino race the following weekend. I have been wanting to try out Versaillies and I thought it would be a good time to check it out. We will see if I think I can handle it on the SS for the 24 hour race this fall.

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