Scales Lake

Sorry it took so long to get this posted, but I have been out of town all weekend visiting with family.

Thursday July 2 I headed down to Boonville to check out Scales Lake. I have been there once before a few years ago and was just looking for a ride with someone. So, I found someone that was going there and decided to give it a try. I was not sure what to expect because from what I rememberd, I was not that impressed the last time I was there.  It was ok, but not worth the drive.

So, I tried to get up and going early, but as usual I was running a little late getting out of town. Then I hit all kinds of traffic and other garbage. The only good thing is that I guy I was meeting showed up only minutes before I did. He figured I was waiting on him.

So, we quickly geared up and headed out looking for the trail. Online where I found the map it said for newbies to head clockwise, so that is what we did. It actually was not a bad little ride. A loop is supposed to be 5 miles. We ended up trying out some new trail that was just built, so the first lap was a little longer then that and we had a few moments of checking the map trying to figure out what way to go next.

We ended up riding two more laps the other way next. It seemed that counter-clockwise had more climbing in it, but it could have just been me. I didn’t really have a problem going either way. Finishing up our third lap Andy had a little trouble going around one of the corners and slid off the trail and was up close and personal with a big tree. He had some good scratches on his back, leg and arm. He also tore his shirt and his camel back strap. When we finished that lap, he figured that he had enough. I didn’t blame him.

I continued on as he went to the car. I decided to do another lap in the same direction becuase there was another rider that went that way and I was going to see if I could catch him. But, no luck. I already had 3 laps in the legs and he had too much head start, so somewhere out there I ended up on one of the new trails sections again and was not sure where I was going. The good thing about down there is no matter where you go you will end up somewhere you can figure out where you are. After that lap I turned around and did a lap and 1/4 the other direction before I decided that I had enough. My computer said I ended up with right at 30 miles. Not a bad ride at all. The 1×1 held up great! I am getting more comfortable on this one. I still think I need to do some work on the shock, but it might end up ok after I change the oil.

Overall I have decided that Scales is not that bad of a ride and is worth the drive. I do wish the trails were longer or closer to home. Going both directions helps on not riding the same trail over and over. The trail itself is plenty fun and keeps you on your toes. Lots of short ups and downs with good G-outs and plenty of roots to go along. I don’t think this place would be as fun if it was wet, but it is hard to tell.

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