time flies

Well I know it has been a little bit since I have posted. Sorry, but I have been busy. I have been doing some rides, but as usual it is never enough.

Last week I did get my 1×1 out for its first ride in the woods. I have been trying to get it out for a few weeks now, but time and weather has not been on my side. When I got a call to head out to the woods for a ride I knew it was the best opportunity to test it out. The guy who called me is not a slow rider and considering that we were riding at Ferdinand I was not sure about taking that bike.

I basically talked myself in to not having enough time to fix the NRS. It has seen some better days and durring the Cave Run trip a few weeks ago I bent the derailluer hanger in a wreak. I don’t have a replacement and was not sure if I could even fix it at all anyway.

As the day grew closer I found out that there would be two newer riders tagging along. This eased my mind about holding everyone up and it was locked in from there.

So, right after work I changed and flew out to the trail head. After everyone showed up and all the introductions were done, we headed down the road. Things were going along good until we hit our first down hill. It seems that in one of the corners a nasty little stick grabbed one riders RD and ripped it off. Another testament to the reason I love riding SS.

After some time working on his bike trying to turn it in to a SS, we were finally on the trail again. It didn’t take long to figure out that the convert was not going to work out too well. It kept changing gears on him and the chain would get way too tight. I am not sure what was causing this since the chain line was damn near perfect. The only thing I can think is that something was flexing as he put power down and the ramps were grabbing the chain. So, after a few stops to try and get him going for good we decided that we would split up and continue on our ride as he headed back toward the car.

At this point one of the other riders was in a time constraint and all the time spent trying to fix the broken bike really ate in to our ride time. We reached a point where I said we needed to take a different route if he was going to make it when he needed to. So, we all headed back to the car so we could make sure the other rider made it back there.

He had just made it back to the car and said he didn’t care if we went a little longer. We didn’t want him to wait too long, so we took a shorter loop then we normally would. I was not complaining since my legs were really feeling this SS thing. I was riding well considering the time off, but the climbs were starting to add up and it was damn hot too.

After we made it back to the cars it looks like we only ended up riding 8.5 miles and climbed 975 ft of elevation gain. I just spent 3 hours in the woods sweating my nads off to get in 1 hour of riding! LOL

Oh well, it just felt so good to get back out there and not be on the road. As far as the 1×1 it did very well. I think my disc brakes could use a good bleed job and I am not 100% happy with my new fork (well new to me). I kind of wish I would have picked up that carbon fork when I had a chance. Not sure I would like that either, but I would be willing to give it a try.

So, I guess I need to look at the manual and see if I can do anyting with this shock to stiffen it up. I really would be better getting somethign else since the steer tube is a little shorter then it should be and it is much heavier then the Palmer fork I was using. Only time will tell.

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