More road time

After a good ride at Cave Run I was itching all week to get back in to the woods. I was really interested in giving the 1×1 a good shake down ride to see how it is set up. My Saturday morning ride was changed, so I was only left with Sunday for a ride. With that being the option it also gave me a long road ride option. Since I had signed up for the Rain Ride, I knew that I needed to put in a long road ride if I had the chance. So, the 1×1 was put on hold for the weekend. I hope to get on her soon.

I knew I was in for a long day, but it was a good group to ride with. They told me the route was going to be 90-100 miles or so. I was thinking that if we came up short of the 100 I would just take a loop at the end to make the total add up to the century. As usual the legs were not feeling very good early in the ride. For some reason they usually feel better on the way home then the way out. Hard to believe after 40-50 miles that they would feel better then they do at mile 15. I hope to figure that out some day.

Well the pace was running good and we skipped a stop that has been done before. I tried to eat as best as I could since we didn’t stop. I normally just wait until we stop and grab a bite. About 50 miles in, one of the guys broke off to wait on a rider that was going to meet us but was running late. I would have gone the other way, but we were too far down the road before I knew what happened. After a call we figured out that he was headed a different way and we should go on with out him. The problem was that he did his share of the pulls up till then. I took a hard and long pull after that point and was really starting to feel the results of a long pull. I pulled us in to the first rest stop at the 60+ mile mark. It was good to get off the bike for a minute and refill the bottles.

After a short break we were on the bikes again and headed down the road. This next section was really starting to add up. I think we were all feeling the effects of a hard ride up till then. This section also had more hills then the previous parts, but we were still holding our own. When we finally made the turn at the Holland water tower it seemed to bring a little life back in to the group. We all knew that at that point we were only 15 miles from home. The pace stayed strong as we headed back toward Jasper. The guy who said he was not in shape and didn’t take any pulls all day decided that maybe he could make it home and went to the front. He was running 24+ mph and just eating up what if anything we had left in our legs.  Then if you add the fact that we had one of the biggest hills of the ride after that, it did not make the legs feel very good at all. I figured that no matter where I was when I hit the car, I was not going out for more to hit the 100 mile mark. When we finally made it back to the start, I showed that I had 90 miles in and we averaged 19 mph or so. That gave me right at 4 hours and 50 min on the bike and ended up over 2000 foot of elevation gain. Not too bad for a little morning ride.

I am out of town next weekend for work, so I will not get a ride in. I hope to make it out for one of the night rides this week just to work the legs out. If things work out, then maybe I could get a night ride in on the 1×1 before we leave town, but I doubt it. I only hope that the weather is good Sunday and the Cubbies play well since we will be at the game. Woo hoo!

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