In line for the RAIN

Well it seems that I have officially been talked in to riding the RAIN Ride again this year. I was not sure if I was going to or not up until two weeks ago. I had some talk about taking a few newbies out, but they are not riding near enough to be in any kind of condition to even try. The one has been spending way too much time playing soccer. Not that it is a bad thing, actually quite opposite. He has been playing for a bigger travel team that will help with being recruited to play for some college. The other one just has not rode a bike at all. He has been working a lot of hours this summer and when he is not doing that, time is not spent on a bike. Oh well, I am sure one of these years they will be kicking my butt on a bike.

On the long ride the other weekend, Doc talked about riding this year and wondered if I was going to do it with him. It really didn’t take much talking to talk me in to it. He said all of the right things and I was ready to sign up by the end of the day. So, hotels were found then I went ahead and signed up. Right now there will be 3 of us riding together with the plan to stay together unless one of us tells them to go on. I really didn’t want to be left alone or even with just two riders like last year. It is so lonley out there after 100 or so miles. I would be more willing if it was in the woods or something that could keep my mind busy, but smooth roads are not good for keeping the mind sharp.

The only thing is with signing up I will now have to do some long road miles. I am so ready to take the 1×1 out for a good ride. I might have to skip the long road ride this weekend for a little time in the woods. I wish I could go to BCSP or something that I can put a lot of miles in with out too much worry. Ferdinand will kick my butt in 10 miles and that will be with a lot of walking. I might be wrong since I have been getting some good rides in this year, but SS riding is not the same as geared riding. Especially when it comes to climbing big hills. We will have to wait and see.

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