Cave Run Fun

caverunThis weekend I made a trip back to Cave Run. It has been a few years since I had been there, but it did not matter since I have only been there a few times all together. I knew I was in for some good riding and with the lack of other riders taking advantage of the trails, I also knew there was a good chance the trail would be grown up.

Well the weekend started off with out any issues. The Shuttle was in Louisville when planned. So, after parking my car and unloading, it was time to head to Moe’s. What a great place to eat!! I am just glad there is not one around here or I would be even fatter then I already am. After food time we headed on down the road with some good tunes.

Sunday morning came around a little quicker then I would have liked even with us sleeping in. The thought was to let the trails dry out a little more. We didn’t get much rain that night, but the look of the trails, there was some more rain over the previous few days. Some sections were great some some were not so great.

There were more soft spots then I would have liked, but the riding was still good. My bike looks like it was muddy, but I didn’t have much on me. The ride started off with a bang and kept it up from threre. I knew I was in trouble when I crashed trying to leave the road and get on the trail. I did not get hurt too bad, but I could still feel it for a stupid crash not 5 feet from the car.

I think I only had one more good crash after that, but I did spin out several times. The one crash could have been real bad. I went down real hard in a rocky section. I landed hard on my other knee and shoulder. I sure was glad when nothing major was hurt. It easily could have been worse.

We didn’t go very far according to the mileage, but it sure felt a lot farther. This is the worst I have felt after a ride in a long time. My whole body is hurting. Mainly from my trips to the ground and other sudden stops. The deep sticky stuff did not help either. That really wears you out when you try to ride out of it. The computer said we ended up doing 22 miles in 5 hours and 18 min. ride time. That gave me an average of 4 mph. That is horrible!! There were several hike-a-bikes with the trail conditions. The only good thing is that it said we climbed 3000 feet for the day.

Overall it was still a good day in the woods. It was a hard 22 mile ride, but still had plenty of fun. Good to make it to new trails.

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