Bike work

I was thinking that since my NRS is in such bad shape after the last two weekends it took to Pisgah, it was time to get the Surly up and running correctly. I have not had it set up correctly since I got the new frame. I didn’t mess with it too much because I planed on changing some stuff anyway.

I started the big conversion to disc brakes last night. Changing the fork was not a big problem, but I do need a longer bolt for my star nut. My wheel set that I had been using was not disc compatable. I had another set that was on the Proflex for a little bit that is, so it was time to do the axle swap. That was not easy at all! I really don’t like the new hubs. I hope the wheel set holds up since they are not near as good as the XT set that I had been using. I had some trouble getting the axle to set in there correctly. The bearings were a real pain to get right. I still don’t know if they are correct or not, but it was spinning on the stand and that is better then the first try.

I swapped the back tire off of the NRS that I actually stole from the 1×1 for last weekend and put the rotor on. For not having a lot of experience with disc brakes, the back one went on fairly easy. I think it is adjusted correctly and my wheel is in there tight and the brakes work. Now all I need is a Hayes adapter for the front fork and I should be ready to give it a try.

I hope all works well and it is as good of a bike as my old one. Sometimes new things can be a bit scary because it is different. I just hope I can get it to feel as good as the old set up.

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