After driving all morning in the rain headed south we were lucky enough to have a short stop in the rain so we can put up our tents. After we were all settled in, we headed in to town to pick up some required items. I will say I was a little dissapointed in Poppies. After how good it was the last time down there, I could not say any bad words about it. I could not find any Pisgah beer that I was wanting, not in the growler or 22oz bottles. Poppies saved it’s self by showing me that it had a 12 pack of Sweetwater 420! The weekend was saved!

After that we were headed back to camp to figure out where and or if we wanted to ride. The origional plans were changed.

I decided to give the Indy boy’s a call and see what they were doing. Low and behold they were hanging out in the parking lot a block from where we were. So we stopped by since there was nothing better on the agenda.

So, after hanging out in the parking lot and testing out the sweetwater, a brand new Giant Trance cabon and the Shamrock Cycles FS 650b, it was determined that the rain was going to hold off for a little bit. The plan was to head to Dupont since it could handle all of the rain that was had earlier in the day. Sounded good to me since I have not been there.

After gearing up and driving down the road a ways, I was a little suprised at just how close the trail head was to Brevard. We all took off for a fun little ride. It was very much like slick rock in some places. There was also some good flowy sections too. This place has a little bit of everything well almost. There is even an air strip that we rode down. That was interesting!

DuPont is a place that I would not mind going back to again. It did help that there was a guide that knew the way around and what way to take all of those turns. It is not as technical and rugged as Pisgah, but it was still fun. I loved the table top section. It was great to have a landing to flow with.

Back in the parking lot it was evident that I was the only one that made sure to mate some ice with some brown bottles. So, I shared my goodies with the group for helping me have such a fun day in the woods.

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