4 nights till I head to Pisgah

I went out to Ferdinand today for a last shake down ride before I head to Pisgah. I have a few things to go over before we leave. I sure hope she stays together for the weekend.

Ferdinand is getting to be so much more fun. All of the new re-routes are making more sections fun and less brutal. The new additions have the outer loop up to 10 miles now and it had 1500 ft. of elevation gain per lap. Not too bad for Indiana.

I need to get a few more miles in my legs before Thursday. They did not feel too good this morning. Actually it was a little concerning for the big weekend to come. I sure hope things are better then today or I will not have a chance to make it to all the check points. The only good thing is the fact that I tend to ride better everywhere other then Ferdinand. Only time will tell. Look for more information on PAMBAR after next weekend.

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