Back to enjoying Ferdinand

The timing and weather finally worked out for me to make it out to Ferdinand for my first ride out there this year. I really need to make more time to get out there. The re-routes that have been done over the last few years are adding up to some sweet singletrack.

At first I thought my only chance for a ride would be on Sunday, but the weather man was saying I was going to get wet. So, I looked at the schedule and figured out that I coudl squeeze in a little ride inbetween my scheduled events on Saturday. First we had baseball practice in the morning. AJ was feeling sick on Friday night so I didn’t take him to practice. This opend up my window a little better, so I packed up my bike and gear so I could head straight to the trail after practice was over. I had hoped that I didn’t wear myself out too much since I had to pitch to a bunch of kids again. I am not made to be a pitcher.

Practice was over and I busted it out to the trail head. I saw too cars in the lot and figured that one was my PMBAR team mate Bob.  I tried to call him to see where he was as I was getting ready, but no one answered. So I headed out up the trail toward an area that I hoped we could hook up.

On Foxey Hollow I hit one of the new re-routes that I have not been on yet. That sure was some sweet trail. Much better then the lung busting section of climb that it replaced. After I reached the trail intersection with the Fire Tower trail, I stopped and made another call. Turns out he was right behind me. The phone didn’t ring on Southridge. I could have waited a little longer and he would have been right there. Oh well, we were hooked up and ready to ride. From there we finished the normal loop.

There was another new re-route on Southridge that I have not been on yet. That also took out one of the hardest climbs on that section. It was replaced with a flowing section to get to the top. All these re-routes will make it more enjoyable on the 1×1. I am looking forward to getting it re-built and out there. I was so stoked to be out there that I was riding very well. I hope that means that my fitness level is not as bad as I think it is.

It was great to ride with Bob since I had not spent much time with him. Next weekend we will be spending lots of time together. We have a good 8+ hour drive there and back and then all day in the woods on Saturday. We will probably do a ride on Friday and hope to hit a section on Sunday if we have anything left in our legs. The plan would be to show him Pilot if we don’t make it there on Saturday. The talk on the web is getting scary and we might hit all of the trails in one day.

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