Less then 3 weeks away from the Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race. I can hardly wait! I started tearing my bike down last night because of all the damage I did to it riding in the rain down there a few weeks ago. I have some parts that I will be changing over for my next trip to Pisgah.

I have some different bars that I plan on putting back on the Giant. They were on there and then moved to the Surly at one time. Since I have put some carbon bars on the Surly I don’t need these on there any more. I am also putting some larger tires on the Giant. I had some nice 2.1 Conti’s on there that are just a smaller version of my 2.4 Conti’s, but I needed a little more in some places. So, I plan on using the bigger ones for this race and then put them back on my SS. I also plan on putting some new disc brakes on the Giant. I picked them up with the thought of using them on the SS, but with adaptor issues and the over all simplistic approach for my SS, I will use my cable disc brakes on there and put the hydro’s on the Giant.

Now all I need to do is finish up all the work that is needed and hope my legs are still in good enough shape. I know I am down a little from where I started, but not far. A little work and I should be back ahead of schedule and ready for the long day in the woods. I just hope there is some left to ride on Sunday after PMBAR. I hate to drive that far and not get as many rides in as possible. But Saturday my be all I need with the possabilities of riding numerous miles and miles.

I will keep my fingers crossed that the rain slows down enough to get out more.

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