Saturday morning road ride

I thought the weekend was going to be blown out by all the rain that was in the forcast. But, some things change and Saturday was looking to be a good day. Well, at least much better then rain, so when I heard my old group was heading out for a ride I figured I needed to tag along.

I knew they would go for a good length ride, but I figured they would be a little slower then my other group and not being on a bike in two weeks made that sound real good. It turns out that a few things were not correct in my thinking. First off the weather was ok, but not what I would call great. It was a little on the cool side for what I had in mind. This lead to warmer clothes then the 65+ I was hoping for would have needed. I was a little cool at the start, but I knew as I made some heat and the sun was rising I should be ok for most of the ride. Well, it didn’t take near as long to build some heat as I thought. The lead rider was feeling good and our starting pace was more then I was ready for. The wind that was coming at an angle didn’t help since I could not completely hide from it. I was second in line and struggling to hold the wheel. We really were not going that fast, low 20’s,  but it sure felt like it was much faster then that.

After he was done with his pull and we were no longer on the busy section of road, things let up a little. I was in front so they had to. After we backed off a little I was starting to feel better. We made a quick stop some where near half way for a quick bite to eat and I wanted to make an adjustment to my seat height. After we started back down the road things were rolling good.

We ended up with 50 miles under our wheels and good company so I called it a good day. Toward the end of the ride I actually felt better then I did on the way out. Not perfect, but better. Crazy how that works. It seems to take me too long to warm up. Good thing I don’t go for short rides as ofen.

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