Pisgah day 3

Day three we were welcomed with some sun rising up over the hills. It was a great sight to see. After breakfast we did a map check then loaded up and headed out toward the fish hatchery parking area. That was the planned area to ride for the day. The plan was to ride up the road to 650 and then to the 105 loop. That was a great loop. I am not sure what direction would be more fun. They both seem like it would be a lot of fun. I had my first wreck on this section. I was headed down a rocky section that had several drops. One drop I guess I was going too slow, as my front wheel dropped down and wedged behind a rock at the same time. It was slow enough to send me over the bars. I was laying there with my head down hill trying to sit up, but it was not easy. Nothing hurt except a busted computer mount and a few small scratches so all was good.

We also headed up the road to hit the 471 road down hill. What a long road climb that was. I thought it would never end. As we were getting closer to the top there were some crazy cold winds blowing around the bend. After we finally made it to the top, we decieded that we better put our jackets back on for this cold decent. Good thing too as it was very cold on the way down. This was an ok place to ride. I did like the 105 area, but after that it was just ok. Not as good as the other trails that I have been on in the other side, but now I have rode them. No loss for me. I would ride it again depending on who I was riding with.

I picked up a map from Poppy’s and now I need to start studying so I know my way around for PMBAR. That will be here before I know it. I should really be hitting the bike hard over the next few weeks to maximize my conditioning so I can handle the big day. Right now I think I will be ok, but I really would like to be great. So, only time will tell.

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