Pisgah day 2

Well, after freezing as we rode down the road at the end of the ride, we decided that maybe we need to dress a little warmer then the day before. It was still raining, so I also figured it would be a good day for the clear rain jacket since my Endura jacket was all wet from the day before.

The plan was to ride up claw hammer and then back down black mountain. There was a good sized group that went out in front of us. It sounded like they were doing the same ride, but we would have seen more fresh tire tracks in some areas if that was the case. Claw hammer was not too bad and then the road ride up to black was not too bad for a road. Black mountain was very hard. I know it has its share of hike a bike, but in this kind of weather it make it even more difficult. I don’t think Damon was too happy with this trail choice. I was very dissapointed when we finally reached the over look and could not see anything at all. I think he was glad to hit the over look, but he didn’t realize that the hike a bike sections were not done.The trip down black was much better then the trip up. It made the walking almost worth it. It would have only been better with some kind of a view other then the white stuff.

After we made it back to camp, we dried off and decided to head in to town for some pizza and not cook in the rain. Not a bad choice at all! Big Mikes was great!! My kind of pizza place. After we headed back to camp we knew it was time for some growling since we wimped out the night before. We sat around camp wishing we had some dry wood so we could look at the fire as we downed our gallon of Pisgah Pale Ale, good times!


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One Response to Pisgah day 2

  1. single trrack mind says:

    yes! some dry wood wood have been great!! so instead we burnt well smoked(cause it was tooooo wet to burn) what wood we did have! and yes it was tuff on the hik-a-bike but it was worth it!!!!!! and look forward to goin again! T-Day? i’m gonna work on it!

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