It was a great weekend in the mountains. It could have been a little better, but I still would not trade it in. We had plenty of rain for the first two days. So, after pulling an all nighter to get there we were met with a little rain. We got the camp set up and headed out for a ride. We didn’t go as far as planned, but it was still a great ride. We started up Bennet and continued up and up and up. We hit the intersection that we were supposed to hop on Buckwheat and didn’t realize this, but didn’t want to stop for a map check so we just busted down the road back to camp. That was a very long and very cold down hill.

Back at camp we were welcomed with a flooded camp. So, not only are we completely soaked we have water in our tents. Such fun. We had had about all that we could handle for the day, so cooking in the rain did not sound good. So, we headed in to town to see what we could find to eat. So, we found a good mexican place to fill our stomaches.

We made a stop by Poppies for some goodies. What a great store! Just about anything you could want and the best beer selection I have seen. We grabbed a few growlers of Pisgah Pale Ale and headed back to camp.

After driving all night and then riding all morning, we hit the sack early, real early! So, we crashed around 4:30. We were just too tired to hit the growlers that night.

More later.

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