Out for a few climbs

I finally got out for a ride today after work. I thought I was going to get out Sunday morning, but there was a problem with the pinewood derby car and I had to do some drastic changes right before the race. I ended up changing the wheels after a few practice runs. I guess I did the right thing since he ran very well all day and ended up finishing in 2nd overall.

So, I knew Monday night would be my chance to get out. I have bowling on Tues. and pre-draft for baseball. Then we have draft on Thurs. so I have to get my ducks in a row on Wed. night. I also just found out spring soccer practice is starting on Friday night, so there goes the week.

Since I have the Pisgah trip in two weeks and the group has been killing me on the hills, I thought I would go out on a hilly loop. I did a portion of the loop, but it was plenty to make it really hurt. It was not has long as I would have liked, but all I wanted as the sun was going down. I ended up riding 32 miles in 1:50 min. with 1400 ft. elevation gain. Plenty of big climbs to work those climbing muscles.

Maybe the 4th or 5th hardest climb of the route.

Maybe the 4th or 5th hardest climb of the route.

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