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Wed. I was not sure what I wanted to do. I knew that the weekly rides have started already, but it was much colder then it was over the weekend.  As I went to drop off my son from school, two guys rode by me going the other way. That just about did it for me. I felt the need to ride. I know I could use all of the miles I can get. I have a nice long weekend in Pisgah coming up and then a month later I have the PMBAR.

So, I made arrangements for the kids to go with the wife and made a contact with a rider from the group to see if they were still going. I figured at that point, I was going either way. As I was getting ready I get the call that the ride was still on. So I grabed the meeting info and headed out the door.

It was windy, but not near as bad as the weekend. The only thing that was bad was the temp. I was 39 or 40 degrees and the wind was even colder. Not long after I met up with the other two guys riding I figured out that I was not too far off in my clothing choices. I had some places that was cold and some that was sweating, but combined I was just fine.

This ride was to be easier then the ride we did Saturday. Good thing too! I did ok keeping up with the group, but I really need to work on my climbing. They sustain a higher speed while climbing then I normally do. A few more rides with them and I hope to be able to keep up better.

Actually last year I made it a plan to make sure I ride with this group more often. They don’t normally go as far as my other group, but they go much faster. If I want to get fast, I know I need to ride fast. I figured if I could mix in some rides with both groups I would be riding long, but faster. That is the plan at least. Not sure if it will work out, only time will tell. I just hope to get back out this weekend.

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