Feeling the pain

Saturday morning I was supposed to join a fairly easy ride for 40 miles or so. I knew that they normally didn’t ride in what I would call a slow pace so I was not sure how easy would be easy, but they said they had not been out much this year, so I took my chances. The ride in to the meeting place was interesting with the wind almost throwing me off my bike a few times.

We started out north and I knew that would be the easy direction with the wind, so I was not sure how it would start. Well 10 miles or so in to the ride I was starting to feel it some in my legs. I was not sure just how far because my computer paused for some reason and the miles were not adding up. Even with the wind helping it was easy to figure out why my legs were feeling it as we were averaging 25+. I normally take a little bit for my legs to stretch out and start feeling good. Needless to say that didn’t happen.

If the first part was not bad enough, as we took our first direction change we started to head east and had a crazy cross wind from the front left corner and made it hard to stay on the road. This section of road was new to me and it sure had a few hills that I was not expecting. I will make this road a regular on my routes since it is so nice and the traffic seemed to be very little. After this section of road I was really starting to feel it in my legs. This was being only my third road ride of the year and the first with this kind of speed.

After we hit the end of that road section we took a short break since we knew the easy stuff was over and it was getting ready to be crazy. As we hit our next road section that headed south the wind did us no favors. It was difficult to hold any kind of line with the power of the wind. We were bairly moving 12-14 mph and if you fell off the wheel in front of you it was not hard to be spit out of the back. I held on as long as I could, but eventually I was dropped. It was not too far from where the route was heading back east and waited so everyone could re-group. This is were the group of 7 was split up a little to finish the ride. 3 riders went on ahead and the last 4 went on together for most of the ride. My legs were showing lots of signs that they were going to cramp at any minute. But, the good thing was that it never really happened. Just little tingles at a time. Good thing too, I would have been very tempted to just call for a ride home.

After everything was completed and I finally made it home it seems that I ended up riding right around 46 miles. I hope to tag on to that group again before they get too far ahead on getting in shape.

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