Joining the daily grind

For the last few years I have wanted to commute to work with my bike as much as I could. I always came up with reasons not to or reasons that I needed my car at work. Most of those reasons are not too out of the question. But, I did manage to ride a few days. With this dropping economy and work being a little on the tight side, I figured there is no better time to start. I know there is a lot of things that I will learn as I go, I just hope that the mistakes are not too bad.

I wanted to start riding last week, but I talked myself out of it for some reason or another. The big reason I need to have my car at work is I have to pick up my boy from school two days a week. So, until school is out those two days will be hard to ride. Most of the other days it was real cold and/or raining. I figure that after I get in the groove the rain will not stop me. I just need to get the habit started.

Some of that learning curve already happened today. Other then the fact that I figured out that I want to put a pair of clipless pedals on the bike insted of flats, I also need to make sure and tie up my pants. Yea, I know all about the pants getting caught in the chain and all, but I didn’t think about all of the nasty chain gunk getting all over my pants. So, even though the ride to lunch is easy, make sure and get the pants out of the way. I just hope simple green takes care of it.

I had an option last weekend to pick up a bike trunk. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now I kind of wish I would have grabbed that and not the multi tool that I got. I did need a new multi tool, but not having to wear my back back would be real nice. Oh well, I will manage, or I hope I will. I plan on riding tomorrow too, so I hope the rain holds of at least until I get to work. Getting wet on the way home would be better then on the way to work.

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