The Caloi is alive again

I finally have the Caloi rolling again. I didn’t like the last version of it and since I tore the Proflex apart, I had some different parts to try on it. So, since I was not enjoying the Louisville game, I decided to head down to the work bench. I had part of the bike already built, but not all of it. I set up the shifting and brakes. Other then that it was all minor stuff to adjust then air up the tires. The Caloi looks good with the Surly fork on it.

I threw it up on the rollers to give it a shake down ride. 30 minutes later I decied that riding in jeans and a long sleeve shirt is not a smart idea. But, the good thing is that I did get in some much needed spinning time. I need to keep on my diet and training. I need to be in some decent shape at the beginning of this year. I also hope to have some weight off before then too. I was doing good for a while, but I have slipped off the wagon some the last few weeks. Not too far yet, but not where I should be.

I think we are going to buy an eliptical this weekend. The wife wants one to help with her getting back in to riding shape and I figure it would be a good cross training/core building/weight loss oportunity, or so I hope. Most things like that just become an expensive clothing rack. Only time will tell.

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