Running no where

I hopped back on the tread mill tonight. My diet has been slacking lately and the weight is going back up. I have been trying, but I guess not hard enough. I need to loose 5 lbs more then I was a few weeks ago, but that is really closer to 8 the way I am right now. I just need to hold off until the weather get’s a little better and I can get out on the bike more. Every time I want to get out it is nasty. The times it would be good to get out, I have things going on. Go figure.

Things on the 1×1 are comming along. I have found a shock to put on the front and some disc brakes. That will finish it up to what I am wanting it to be. My old 1×1 is in the mail and the Proflex is gone. It was sad to see both of them go, but it was needed. I would have loved to build up the proflex like was planned for this year, but it really is not needed. It would just be taking the place of the SS and I really don’t need that. I just need to keep riding the ss and keep my legs up.

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