Spinning wheels

I finally broke down last night as set up the rollers. I prefer riding rollers then just a regular trainer, but there can be benifits to using both. Lately I have been trying to keep in shape with some cross training by running on the tread mill. That is not what I would call ideal either, but it is a different workout.

I forgot how boring riding rollers can be. I didn’t stay on there as long as I would like, but it was better then nothing. I passed the time by watching Saturday’s Tour Down Under coverage.  That helped, but it also made for a few scarry moments of loosing my consentration and just about hitting the floor. I think I will hop back on the tread mill tonight.

I would rather be riding out side, but I just have not made the effort. The weather has been colder then I like riding out side. If the weather is not the issue, my schedule seems to be the conflict. I could always head out for a night ride, but I have not been motivated to do so.

My plan is to hop in the mystery machine and make a trip down to Pisgah in a week or so. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can work that out.

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