She is built!

Well my new steed is finally built. I was too busy ever since it showed up. I tore down the old 1×1 on Saturday and started the build and finally finished it up tonight. I took it out for it’s test ride in the yard because I could not pass up the chance to ride in the snow. It sill needs a few adjustments, but over all it is sweet. It is a good thing it was not built, because I almost took her out for a night ride to have some fun in the snow. It would not have been fun trying to get it working in the woods, at night and in the snow. Here she is!


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One Response to She is built!

  1. David Snyder says:

    Hello! I just saw that you have a 857 proflex for sale. I would love to buy it if you still have it. I found the ad on hmba. please give me a call or an email. thank you for your time. David Snyder I live in Martinsville Indiana.

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