Happy birhday to me!!

First I have to start off on what I call a sad note. My trusty steed is going to be no longer. It’s time has come and gone and it is now time to let someone else enjoy her. If it was up to me I would hold on to it just in case I would ever need her again, but there is too many ponies in the stable and the cabbage is running low. So, if anyone is in need of a sweet Surly 1×1 16″ frame let me know. As soon as I get it tore apart and cleaned up, I plan on posting it on Dirt Rag and HMBA before I sink to ebay. So I raise my bottle to my first SS love and say my good byes.

The only good thing about good byes is there is always hello’s that follow. I want to introduce my next pile of pleasure. My new Surly 1×1. But this time there are a few changes. This beauty is a 18″ and not the 16″ that I was riding. This one also has the options of using disc brakes where my old one does not. So, I hope that this is an overall improvement on a real good thing. Meet my new love.

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