2008 had come and gone as everyone knows. Not sure it if will be any better in 2009, but one can only hope. I did a few things last year on the to do list, but not everything. I suppose that if I would end up doing it all I would just make a new list anyway.

Here are some things that I pulled off for 2008:

  • Completed the RAIN ride (Not as fast as I think I could, but still had a good ride)
  • Finished the 60 mile route in the Brown County Breakdown (I have been wanting to ride in this since the first one. I am glad it finally worked out this year)
  • Completed the HMBA Century. (This is one hard century)
  • Had a total of 2000 miles for the year. (That is the most I have ever done in one year)

For 2009 my plan is to not miss the HMBA Century or the Brown County Breakdown. I just hope to not be late for the century and the plan is to complete the 100 mile route on my SS for the BCBD. It does not matter if I do the RAIN this year or not. It all depends on what a few other people do. The rest is still up in the air. I would like to race a hundie some day and I would like to race the Tour de London since I didn’t make it last year. The problem is I keep thinking why pay to race. I can take that money and take a trip to Pisgah or some place for some of the best riding one can do. I will just have to see.

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