Going to the darker side

Well I have started my journey to the even darker side then SS. I picked up an old Schwinn 10 speed at a yard sale this fall for the staggering price of $0. I finally started to work on it tonight. here is the original image.

I completely striped it down to the frame, fork and stem/bars. I have a lot of cleaning to do before I can start to put it back together. I also have to figure out what gear to put on it. I think I have some cranks that I can use with a 42t front ring, but I will have to see if that works out. I think the BB might be different. Lots of work yet.

I also made a big decision today. I will not be throwing my hat in to the 29er game. I don’t normally have a lot of extra money laying around to really get what I want, so when a option that I have been throwing around in my head actually showed up, I had to jump on it. I just purchased a newer Surly 1×1 frame and fork. The one that I am riding right now is a 16″ and a little on the small side for me. The other problem with the current 1×1 is that it does not have the disc brake tabs. That is not a complete deal breaker, but when fall comes around I just hate getting all those leaves stuck. That also opens the door for me to pick up a set of 650b wheels and make the 1/2 jump. That will not happen for a little bit unless I happen to sell a lot of stuff.

I just posted a link to some parts on Dirt Rag, but I have more stuff that I need to clean up and post. The one thing that is bad with this new frame is the fact that I don’t have an extra set of disc brakes lying around. Even if I did, my old Palmer fork does not have the disc brake tabs either. So, if you happen to have an old fork collecting dust in the garage or some mechanical disc brake calipers from where you upgraded to hydro’s let me know. But, I warn you, I am bargain shopping. Unless you need any of my parts or a Proflex frame. 🙂

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