First ride of 2009

I made it out for my first ride of the year. After Friday’s weather teasing me all day, I knew I just had to get out for a ride today. The weather was not looking as good as Friday, but good enough. The weather was supposed to be 45 degree, but there was a chance of scattered rain. I looked like I could get a good ride in with out getting wet, but that was not the case. I started out with out a real plan of a route. A little bit in to the ride I saw a rider coming from the other way. I waved and said hi. That is when I noticed who it was. I was Linda, a biker buddy that I have not rode with much the last year or so. That is when i knew I should turn around and chase her down.

It wore me out to catch her, but she was going at an easy pace since it had been a while for her to get out. That didn’t bother me. I was just happy to be riding and not alone. We did some catching up as we pedaled. I did some adjusting on her brake to help it from rubbing and I tried to pull the best that I could. Not long after the brake work we started to feel some sprinkles. They were light and it was not bothering me too much. The sprinkles changed how hard then were coming down and how often for the next few miles. After a little bit it started to come down a little harder. Linda was not feeling like riding too much farther so we turned toward her home. After she turned off, the rain seemed to let up. So, I headed a little farther out in stead of toward home. Everything was going real good until I was just about home and it really started to come down. That put my last half an hour of my ride in a down pour.

It was still great to get out, but I could have done with out the hard rain. I could have gone a little farther, but it was still good to get 30 miles in. I just hope to get some more miles in January.

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