I’m mobile

Well, I finally picked up a laptop. I have been wanting one for a while, but never had the cabbage. I didn’t really have it this time, but what the hell.

Well this has not been the complete bliss that I had hoped it would be. Yea, it is great to be able to surf anywhere in the house or on the deck grilling supper. But, there have been some snags. The main reason I could work this in is because the plan was to be able to do work more places. I do a lot of work from home and tied down to the computer. This was supposed to let me do work more then just at home. This was the start of the problems. Good old Vista does not work too well with some programs. I already knew that Autocad would not run on here, but I was ok with that. But, my drawing viewer does not work and I have been having lots of trouble using my Quark too. I need to upgrade to a newer version of Quark and that should fix the problem. I have to work on that.

I went to put my riding program on here the other day. I searched the web and it says it is not certified to work, but several people are using it with out any problem. So, I start the install. I don’t have any trouble getting it to work and run. Ha, so much for the problems. Then I felt a red spot accross my face where I was slapped with out warning. The IR device will not operate with this program under Vista. So, the convienence of having a built in IR port did me absolutly no good. So, I have uninstalled the Polar software and decided that it really does not matter. Not like I can do anything about it. I even tried to install my USB IR device and that does not have Vista drivers and tells me it is useless. So much for the complete bliss and champain flowing. I will have to settle with this just being a good way to play Texas Hold’em on facebook. Oh well, is still does the normal things.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!!!

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One Response to I’m mobile

  1. Apertome says:

    Sounds like you need to ditch Vista, and install XP on that sucker. That should solve all those problems.

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