On the road again

I have not been riding much the last few weeks. The weather or things going on have not worked out together to let it happen. Some time off is not all that bad, but I know I need to keep my foot in the door. When I heard the weather was warming up again for a day or two, I knew I had to get out. Friday was warmer, but it was rainy all day. I figured I would hold my breath and see what Saturday had to offer.

Good thing too. I woke to 65 degree weather and not currently raining. The roads were still wet, but that is better then raining. So, I suited up and headed out. I could hardly keep the grin down on my face. It was so nice to be out on the road again. Actually, just riding the bike felt good. With the trails being so wet, this is the only way it can happen.

I had a normal route planned. Nothing too hard. The wind was a little noticeable when it tried to blow me off the road. But, at the 20 mile mark I finally turned south. Wow!! the wind was really blowing. I never felt that when it was tail wind. Here I am at a long stretch of road with on heck of a head wind. There were times that it was all I could do to hold 10 mph.

I finally make it south as far as I needed to and headed back east toward home feeling completely whipped. Turns out the just over 30 mile route ended up being 40 miles. I didn’t think that little change would have made that much difference. The temps were up to 70 degrees and there was a wind advisory warning out with gusts up to 34 mph!! No wonder it felt like I was rolling backward at times.

Overall it was just great to be back riding. My legs hurt and I could not be happier. Nothing like riding in shorts in December. Hard to believe since it was just 7 degrees less then a week ago. I can only hope to get back out soon.

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