bottom of the barrel

I made it out to Ferdinand again for a ride. My cold finally got the best of me after coughing and stuff for the last week. I was only doing one lap, but that was hard enough. I could not get enough air in my lungs to keep me going. I thought I was going to pass out and that was just over 1 mile in to the trail. I ended up doing close to a complete lap, but I sure had to take a lot more breaks then I would have liked. I was just glad that I didn’t take the SS for this ride. The granny was too much for most of the climbs. This was very dissapointing after was I just did the last weekend in Pisgah. I sure am glad that I was not in that condition for that ride. It would have been a wasted trip.

The Indiana Dino series has released there schedule for 2009. Here is a list of the races.
5/2 Warsaw: Winona Lake Trail
5/31 Nashville: Brown County State Park
6/13 Fort Wayne: Franke Park
7/5 North Vernon: Muscatatuck Park
7/26 Versailles: Versailles State Park
8/16 Logansport: France Park
9/5 Indianapolis: Town Run Trail Park

Other Mountain Bike Events
4/11 DINO Spring Tuneup, Avon
9/19 24 Hours of DINO, Versailles State Park

Too bad all of the races are a little farther then I would like. I would not mind traveling for a few, but for every race would be a bit much. Maybe I will take the 3 hour drive and check out the Versailles trail for the 24 hour race or maybe not. I would prefer to just take more trips to Pisgah for some full weekend rides. Normally the kids have something going on that would keep me from most of the races anyway.

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