Back in the saddle again!

I have not been on a bike since the BCBD. I have tried, but it just has not worked. With the hunting season underway and the night falling faster with the time changes, the weekly wed. night rides have started. I could not make it last week, but I knew I needed to get out this week. I have been going stir crazy not getting out.

Since I knew who would be attending, I decided to take the Giant because I know I can’t keep up with them on the SS because we are riding Ferdinand. It has been a long time since I rode that bike last, but it was rolling fairly smooth considering all the things that could go wrong with it. I did figure out that I probably need to move my seat forward because I was having trouble keeping my front end down on the climbs. Speaking of the climbs, that thing sure seemed to climb slow. I don’t know if it was because I could not put the power down that I wanted too or was it just because I was used to riding the SS or even the fact that I have not been on a bike in 4 weeks? Hard to tell, but probably a little of all three.

After riding tonight and thinking about the possibility of riding Pisgah real soon has me kind of thinking. I know I want to work on getting a new bike for next year, but should I get a kick ass 29er or should I get a bigger gearie that would be good for the bigger places? I know people ride SS and even fully rigid at Pisgah, but I also know they walk. I am not above walking some, but if it is a lot then that would be too much. The perfect solution would be to get both, but there is no chance to come up with that much money. Maybe I just need to grow some nads and really get to climbing the SS. Maybe not.

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