Brown County Breakdown break down

The 4th annual Brown County Breakdown is in the books and what a day it was. There were no complaints about the weather. Nice and cool in the morning and perfect all afternoon. There were 325 people signed up, but with no shows and everything I think the starting total was close to 300. I don’t have the break down of who rode what route yet, but there were several people who made it to the cabin.

I originally wanted to tackle the 100 mile route. I still think I could have done that, but it would have been a different ride then what I did. After our shakedown ride at BC two weeks ago it was decided that the 100 might be a bit much for the group. So the goal was changed to me riding the 1×1 and us riding close to 70 miles (we were going to modify the 60).

I was very happy with how I was riding. I few up to Hesitation Point despite all of the early traffic on the trail holding me up. Normally I would have just sat back and went with the flow, but the SS has a mind of its own. There are some spots that momentum is a bigger deal than others and that wore me out more then I wanted it. I did pass several riders and ended up on the ride and smile train. That was just about right and we cruised up to HP. At that point I decided I should stop there and wait for the rest of the group and parted ways with R&S.

After a little break and checking out some sweet looking 29’ers that included one belt drive Spot, the rest of the group showed up and we were ready to press on. The next section was still fun as one could imagine. From there I flowed up to the camp ground area and settled in to wait for the group.

After the camp ground we headed down the road just a little to meet up with a horse trail. I was not sure about how the horse trail would be, but it was not bad at all, kind of like a fire lane. That tied into a private trail that took us down to the cabin. The cabin was a great rest stop. There was music playing and good food to snack on. After the re-group and rest, one of the group decided that was the end of the line for him, so Jim headed back toward the park. That left Damon and myself to decide the rest of the ride. I think this was the point that we were thinking that our idea of riding Nebo back and not Combs Road was a bad idea. This was later confirmed as we made it to Maumee rest stop and decided to head in on Combs rd.

It was great to be back on Nebo. It has been a while since I rode there and this was the first time I was sitting 25 miles into the ride when I was heading in to that trail. The trail was a little harder then I remembered, but that might have something to do with how far I had already gone. I was still riding well and stretching the gap on Damon between re-group spots.

At this point the amount of riders were thined out alot and we kept running in to the same groups. One group even had a rider peal off and join us because the other group was going a little farther then we were. Before we were done with Nebo the one turned in to two other riders. That is fine with me, the more the merrier.

Back at the cabin for the second time I was beginning to wonder how well I would ride the rest of the way. A refill of liquids and some fresh hot pizza got me read to head out. I had to tell Damon no matter how hard he begged, I was not bringing the truck back to pick him up! LOL
The hill from the cabin is just brutal. Almost straight up and fairly long. I decided that I neede to walk that one. I don’t think that anyone actually made it up that hill.

The trip in there there was getting a little hard to remember. All I know was I was ready for that beer at the truck! I cruised in to the pool parking lot ready for a break. I dropped my gear and grabbed a beer and sat for a spell. After I cleaned up and changed we went over to grab some of the good grub that was being served along with a few more beers. When I went and picked up my shirt and glass I found out that I won a door prize and picked up a nice pair of Salsa socks.

Overall it was a great day in the woods. I think I could have finished sooner if the re-groups would not have been there, but it was good to not be alone out here (if you can call riding with 300 other people alone). I ended up with right at 60 miles in and only walked on 3 hills. I didn’t get hurt too bad except I did knee my stem once when I spun out on a loose rock.

I highly reccomend this ride to anyone! If you are not in super human condition you should at least try to make it to the cabin. I am more mad at myself then I was before about not making the first 3 breakdown rides. Hats off to all that made this ride happen. There was a lot of work that went in to this and it is much appreciated! I can’t wait til next year!!!!

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