Back in Ferdinand

I went out to Ferdinand on Sunday to see how the train clean up was going. The forest service had all of the big trees cut and some other kind souls moved most of the smaller limbs. So, the trail was in great shape. It could use a little more rain and less leaves, but who is to complain.

With the trail being so good I would have been much happier if the legs were in as good as shape as the trail, but not today. I took the SS out being stoked as to the killer ride I put in Monday at BCSP. Granted, Ferdy is not like BCSP, but I thought my legs would have a better showing then they did. I was miserable for the whole ride! I mean the whole ride. Even the gravel road leading up to the first trail head. I thought the legs would shake out after a little and things would go smoother, but that really never happened. They got better, but that was only up to sub-par performance.

The performance was so bad it has me re-thinking about riding the SS for the Brown County Breakdown next weekend. I am not sure what to do just yet. I know if I ride the geared bike I would not be fully happy. I just love riding my SS. I also know if I am as weak as I was this ride I would be in for a very long day. There probably only a few sections that I would have trouble with the SS on this route. Most of that I don’t see being an issue since we will not make it there. The other stuff I have never seen, so it is hard to tell.

After touching base with the sofa rider, it looks like the concensus is for me to ride the SS with the plan to only ride the 65 mile route. Even at that, it will be a big day on the bike. Should be a good measure for my future racing hundies. We will have to see.

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