Brown County State Park

I finally rode some of the new stuff at BCSP. It has been a few years since I was last there. The original two loops are a blast. They are the closest thing I can find to a trail being down hill both directions!! That is hard to do, but this trail is as close as it get’s. Nothing but smiles and smooth lines.

But, the trail workers have been very busy since then. They have added Hesitation Point Trail, Campground connector trail and they are trying to finish up the expert loop. Let’s just say I was not disappointed with the new stuff. Both directions of Hesitation Point and the campground trail are a complete blast!! There are some wood bridges, rock gardens and rock bridges thrown in between the smooth ups and downs just to keep it interesting. So much of the trails here are just like riding a roller coaster. You can pump the back sides of the dips and curves to keep enough momentum that it seems like you never pedal.

The new expert section is like nothing I have seen in the area. Technical sections and very tight singletrack sections that have big consequences. This section is not done, but what is done is great!! This section is not reccomended for beginners. There is some true bike skill that is needed to make it through this part. Even with skill, I am sure there will be more then one *oh shit* moment.
Here is a link to a video that is some of the expert section Some areas were not completed yet.

Expert Trail Video

Note: Don’t be fooled by how easy Ron makes this section look.

The picture above is one of the rock bridged that are optional sections of trail.

The complete trail with Hesitation Point and the campground trail rode both ways, the ride was 35 miles of smiles.

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