Damn you Ike!!

I took the 1×1 out to Ferdinand on Saturday for a quick ride. I was not sure of the condition of the trails, but I really needed to ride. The ride didn’t get off to a good start. The first section of singletrack had a tree down right away. I moved it out of the way and continued on. Not too far down the trail I found another tree down. I moved what I could and noticed that just up the trail was another one down. So, instead of riding, I just pushed my bike a few feet and proceeded to work on the next tree. I could not clear everything, but it was down to only a few sections that you actually had to get off. So, back on the bike and rolling again it looked as things were starting to go good. Then I felt something and noticed my front tire going flat!! Probably all the debis that I was plowing over. I worked my way to a little clearing that was just up the trail, but not with out moving more sticks as I went.

I made quick work of the tire and was off heading down the trail again. Still plenty of sticks all over the place. The next section of fire lane was not too bad, only a few more big trees down. I still moved the bigger stuff out of the way that I could not ride around or over. It was a good ting I had my SS since I did have one stick that stuck right in the back stay and surly would have ripped a derailleur off. I was then bombing down a hill with clear sailing ahead. Something grabbed my bike and slowed it down a lot. I found myself up close and personal with my front tire and both hands off of the bars. I looked around a little bit waiting on my big crash, but after it didn’t happen right away, I figured I should just sit up and grab the bars again. I felt real lucky with that one!! I felt even luckier after the pain started to settle in where I hit my stem. I then realized that 2 more inches lower and I would have had my bits scattered all over the trail. Sheesh!

I proceeded to cross the road and head down fire lane 7. Not too far down the trail there was another tree down, but I could clear it with out too much problem. The trail was in fair condition after that. Still a ton of limbs down, but only one or two places I had to do a lot of work. Right near the end of the newer section of trail that ends up at the house, I ran in to a wall of trees. That section was in real bad shape. Probably 8 to 10 trees in a real short section of trail. Good thing it is close to a parking area.

After I worked my way around all of the trees and down to the shelter house, I figured out that it took me 2 hours to go 5 miles. How is that for some good average!! I was on somewhat of a limited time schedule and was wore out from moving all the big trees that I decided to take the dreaded road back to the car. So, I was greeted with the nice and steep road climb toward the camp ground and then the gravel road back to the car. Over all it was great to get out even with all the hastles. Next time I will have to pack a folding bow saw in my pack.

I am sure there is still plenty of work to be done on the other trails, but they will have to wait another day.

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