Single again

Well, after the bike crying in the corner for so long, I finally felt guilty enough to take the 1×1 out for a spin. Sunday I took it to Ferdinand for what I thought would be one heck of a suffer fest. I have not been off road more then then twice in the last two weeks since Feb. Taking the SS to a place that is not the easiest was probably not as good of an idea as it could have been.

Well I started out and not too far in to the trail I was still in agreement that I was in for some serious pain. But, I really wanted to get that bike out and I was in for the long haul. I decided to hop off and walk up a short but real steep washed out section because I know how much it normally takes out of me to climb it. I was liking my shock being back on the front. It is not much, but I was riding better then with the rigid. As I finished fire lane 6/keyana section the smile was still going strong. But, I was not sure how long the legs would last. That section hurt more then I thought it would. The good thing is that fire lane 7 section is a blast!

I decided to just take it easy when I needed it and stopped for a breather a few times too. When I got to the top of the new section I decided that I should head up fire lane 1 for my favorite fire lane out there. This section is not part of the trail, but I really think it should be. I know it takes out the one technical section, but it is too much fun to miss.

At this point I was done with the easier stuff and came down to the field where the Dino races start. I really hate the section right after the field, so I decided to do it old school and head out over the dam and enter the trail section there. I wimped out and skipped the real steep trail section and took the fire lane around, but that is nothing out of the ordinary. I really surprised myself on the back side of the lake by not walking anything!! There are a few hills in there that were not easy at all.

I then dropped in to Foxey hollow feeling good about the ride so far, but knew the end was not easy either. I rode the first part with out a problem. After the creek crossing section and was not sure how I would fair on the next hill. Being a two stage hill, I took the time to catch my breath in the flat section and shocking myself, I climbed the second section of the climb. I am not sure if I have ever climbed the second section of that climb all the way. I kept climbing everything and was feeling really good about it. I hit one section that I know I never climbed on my 1×1 and thought this might be the time. Well, I did make it up most of the hill and just about fell over. So, I had to walk the very last part of the hill. As I was walking I looked at the trail and said to myself, what the heck are you doing walking this section when you just climbed that hard section? So, I hopped back on and climbed the rest of it.

I actually only had to get off of the bike two more times and one was a root section where the bike stopped while climbing. I felt really good about how I rode and looking forward to the next ride to see if I can do it again.

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