On the road again….

I was back on the road last weekend. I knew I was running tight on riding time and since I would much rather ride with someone then by myself, I decided to join a group that I heard was going out. I am not sure how good of a decision it was, but it was a decision. It was good to ride with some of the guys I have not road with for a while.

Over all it was a great ride. I did end up with a little sunburn and very tired legs, so it must have been a good one! I knew going in to this, the group I was joining usually rode faster then my normal group. That is not always bad. In fact, next year I want to spend much more time with these guys and my legs will be even stronger. The ride ended up being right at 60 miles. We also climbed a little over 2600 ft of elevation gain. Those two numbers alone define it as a good ride, but the fact that my average ended up just under 20 mph means we were flat out flying. If the road didn’t have some of those hills, I would not be that shocked about the speed. But, on some of the flats I looked down when I was pulling and we were running 23-26 mph. That is way faster then normal. But, I like it!!

The 1×1 has been calling me lately. Enough that I have put the shock back on the front, the new seat post and changed seats. It looks sweet and ready to hit up the trail. I still have not put in too many miles on the carbon bars I put on there this winter. I hope to get out on it this weekend. We will have to see with all the soccer games scheduled.

I also see that I am slowly getting close to 1000 hits. Some times I feel like I am the only one reading this. So, if you are reading, please take the time to post a comment and tell me what you think or at least give me some encouragement to keep putting stuff on here.

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