Back in the woods

Well I cleaned up the NRS and decided to head out to the woods and give it another try. So, after work I loaded up everything and off I went. Everything started out good. I was feeling good and climbing strong. It actually took me a little over 5 miles before I used the granny gear. That is not too bad for riding at Ferdinand. But, then I hit the back side of the lake and used it several times. I probably didn’t need it for some of them, but when it is there it is hard not to use it.

No snakes to scare the crap out of me this time. That is a good thing!! I did see a nice sized deer. The one thing that I didn’t miss was all of the damn spider webs that seemed to be every 10 feet. I had a few large spiders crawling on me and I really didn’t care for that.

The NRS was a much more plesent experience then the Proflex was. But, I already knew that it would be. The disk brakes are easier to squeeze and that helps my bad wrist. The drive-train is much nicer and shifted accordingly. They rear shock was nice on the down hills, but I think the Proflex climbed better. Too much movement going on all the time. I will have to try and use more air next time.

My Surly keeps catching my attention, but I have been hesitent to ride it. I know that I am not in good SS shape and I don’t have an easy trail to ease into shape. With me dismantling the Proflex, it will free up the shock that used to be on the 1×1. I also have a new Thomson post to put on it. I sure miss riding that thing, I just wished it had the disk brake tabs. Maybe I need to trade it in for the next size up. Then I could get a set of 650b wheels to try out.

With the extra set of wheels left from the Proflex, I am thinking about seeing what kind of gear combo might give me that magic gear for the Caloi. If I can find one that works for the road, I plan on getting a Tomi cog and try some playing around fixed. Could be interesting.

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One Response to Back in the woods

  1. Namrita O'Dea says:

    thanks for the heads up on my blog..i fixed it 🙂

    enjoy the weekend!


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